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Alien Registration

Alien Registration Procedures

  • Application Date
  • Registration Period
    Within 90 days of entry date
    When foreigners receive(d) sojourn qualifications or approvals for sojourn qualification changes
  • Documents for Submission
    Alien registration application form
    2 Color Photos (3.5 cm X 4.5 cm)
    Documents for sojourn qualifications
  • Acceptance of Application for Alien Registration
  • Immigration office within the jurisdiction or branch offices

  • Issuance of Alien Registration Card
  • With “Alien Registration Completed” seal in passport

Targets for Alien Registration

  • Foreigners who will stay over 90 days after entering Korea
  • Former Korean citizens who acquire(d) nationality from other countries or foreigners who were born in Korea staying over 90 days after receiving sojourn qualifications
  • Exceptions on foreign registration ? Foreigners listed below will be exempted from foreign registration.

    Foreigners involved in diplomacy, public affairs, and treaty, on their families (A-1 Visa: Diplomat, A-2 Visa: Foreign Government Official, A-3 Visa: International Agreements)

    Foreigners involved in important matters in terms of diplomacy, industry, or national defense, their families, and other foreigners deemed to be specially exempted from the alien registration by the Minister of Justice

    Among Canadian nationals who will stay less than six months, foreigners involved in the following categories for sojourn qualifications
    → Arts and Culture (D-1 Visa), Religious Worker (D-6 Visa), Family Visitor (F-1 Visa), Dependent Family (F-3 Visa), Miscellaneous (G-1 Visa)

    Registered foreigners aged below 17 (when they become 17 years old, they have to apply for alien registration within 90 days)

Period for Alien Registration

  • Foreigners who will stay over 90 days after entering Korea

    Within 90 days from entry date

  • Foreigners who receive(d) sojourn qualification or approvals for sojourn qualification changes

    → When approvals is given to foreigners (immediately)
    e.g. when Canadian nationals with a B-2 Visa (tourist and transit) apply for sojourn qualification changes after staying 5 months in Korea, alien registration should be made in the case of applications for sojourn qualification changes