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Governor’s Greeting

This is Kim Yeong-rok, the governor of Jeollanam-do province(Jeonnam), “Land of life, Best Jeonnam.”

A powerful wave of great transformation coupled with climate change and economic crises is sweeping the world.

Our provincial government will take these crises as an opportunity to vigorously open the “Great Leap Forward of Jeollanam-do Province” by going beyond Korea and competing with the world.

We will create high-quality jobs by focusing on supporting cutting-edge key industries like data, semiconductors, secondary batteries, and aerospace.
Based on abundant clean resources, Jeollanam-do province will lead the carbon neutrality and global energy transition by fostering new energy industries.
We will nurture the agricultural and livestock industry in the province as a high-value-added future life industry and create a K-food craze that captivates everyone in the world.
By utilizing the natural scenery and excellent cultural and artistic resources, the provincial government will start the “era of prosperity of culture and tourism” in the world.
Jeollanam-do province will take the lead in balanced regional development to open a new local era and realize the “Resident-first governance” for the happiness of residents.

We will always listen to residents’ voices and run with all our might for the “happiness era of the great Jeonnam, marching into the world!”
We hope to get a lot of interest and support from you.
Thank you very much.

Kim Yung-Rok
Governor of Jeollanamdo Province