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Gwangyang, FEZ

  • Jeollanamdo is establishing new industrial terrain to lead regional development and create a huge ripple effect that revitalizes the local economy. It does this by prompting balanced development among regions and improving residents’ quality of life.
Gwangyang Bay Area Free Economic Zone (FEZ)

The Business Overview

  • Location: Jeollanam-do Yeosu, Suncheon, Gwangyang, and Gyeongsangnam-do Hadong district
  • Development area: 17 complexes in 6 regions. 57.05㎢ (Jeollanam-do: 47.35, Gyeongsangnam-do: 9.7)
  • Development perido: 2003 to 2030
  • Business expenses: 16 trillion and 4,16 billion KRW (region development: 67,714 infrastructure: 13,604)
  • Economic effect: job creation for 240,000 job-seekers; 120,000 people as a sedentary population; $ 40,000 per person for the income generation

Development Region

Development Region
Classification Gwangyang region Yulchon region Sindeok region Hadong region Gyeongdo region Hwayang region
Development area 12.88㎢ 18.03㎢ 7.86㎢ 9.70㎢ 2.15㎢ 6.43㎢
Development direction Attracting distribution function, such as a harbor, steel manufacture, etc Attracting petrochemical, and steel-related industries Attracting residential, educational, medical, and leisure functions Attracting multiple functions, such as the production residence, business, etc. Attracting tourism, resort, leports (leisure and sports) functions Attracting tourism, resort, leports (leisure and sports) functions
Complex title
  • Gwangyang Container Harbor
  • East side Hinterland (1st level)
  • West side Hinterland (2nd level)
  • Posco Terminal CTS
  • Gold industrial complex
  • No 1 Yulchon Industrial Complex
  • No 2 Yulchon Industrial Complex
  • Yulchon Harbor Complex
  • Sindae
  • Hae Ryong Industrial Complex
  • Gwangyang Sepung Industrial Complex
  • Sun-Wol High Park Complex
  • Galsa gulf Shipbuilding Industrial Complex
  • Doowoo Leisure Complex
  • Daesong Industrial Complex
  • Kyungdo Marine Tourism Complex
  • Hwayang Multiple Tourism Complex

Investment Attraction

  • The goal of investment attraction (2003 to 2022)

    Realizing the investment of $25 billion and 500 enterprises. 240,000 workers.

  • he outcome of investment attraction (2003 to 2021)

    Total 429 companies (domestic: 358, overseas: 71); realizing the investment of 22 trillion and 5,72 billion KRW; creating 48,555 jobs

  • The prior strategy of investment attraction

    Main attraction industries: steel · petrochemistry · new and renewable development industries, government supported R&D institution and empirical national enterprise projects

    Main attraction regions: introducing the industrial complex in Gwangyang bay area of Sepung · Yulchon · Daesong