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Bitgaram Innovation City

  • Jeollanamdo is establishing new industrial terrain to lead regional development and create a huge ripple effect that revitalizes the local economy It does this by prompting balanced development among regions and improving residents’ quality of life.
Bitgaram Innovation City
A city of coexistence where Yeongsangang River unites Jeollanamdo and Gwangju.

The Business Outline

  • City name: ‘Bit-garam’ (The city of coexistance as ‘Yeongsan River’, the lifeline of Namdo, and ‘The light’ of Gwangju)
  • Location/Scale: Naju-si Geumcheon · Sanpo-myeon district / 7,334,000㎢
  • Planned population: A population of fifty thousand (2 million households) in the new self-sufficient city
  • Business expenses: 1 trillion and 4.175 billion KRW
  • Relocating institutions: 16 Public Institutions, include Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
  • Project implementation: Public development (Korea Land and Housing Corporation, Gwangju Metropolitan City Corporation, Jeonnam Development Corporation)
  • The vision: Eco-friendly green city where the nature and the human are in harmony
  • ※ The selection of the location for the innovative city (Naju 2005.11.30.), The ground-breaking ceremony of the innovative city (2007.11.8.)

The Revitalizing of the Innovative City

  • Establishment of the luxury city by first expanding the settlement condition (Improving the condition of education, etc)
  • Promoting the support center establishment by AURI (Korea Association of University, Research Institute and Industry)
  • Seeking for the early settlement of the institution relocation by the operation of public institution council, and the local, co-living and development plan